Sunday, 18 November 2012

Linetest: Willy and Sarge Marching

First linetest of Willy and Sarge playing with guns. Still a little rough, more to come.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Raccoon Moustache!

Brian pointed out to me the other day that it could be quite funny, when there is the close up on the raccoon about to fire the gun, that in one of the close ups (when it is snapping back n forth) to put a moustache on him. Spongebob had this in an episode, when it was cutting back n forth between him and a seahorse (Debbie). It works really well, so it'd be a good idea to test it out and see if it works!

Family Guy clips (more influence)

In this clip, we see what it would be like if Family Guy had over exaggeration in their animation style. Two styles which, in the film, we are trying to mix. 

The important bit in this clip is when Brian slowly rises into the shot, when the cat is on Lois. Originally we had something in mind like this, when Sarah Palin would slowly rise from behind the mound of snow. But since we have had a change of character with the raccoon, we have had to change it to a very quick look up the back down the mound, as the character is very small, quick and nippy, it will suit it much better.

And this...just because its funny. OH! And it's about Alaska.

Making a start on updating this blog!!

Here is a couple of Family Guy clips of people falling. These will influence a couple of the falls in the film! It is a great style, very humorous way of seeing someone fall. It's very quick paced and the way the bodies are kind of distorted, arms and legs overlapping the body, is a great way on ending the shot.